31 January 2015


Ummm hi. I just realized that I haven't blogged at all this month! Anyhow, I had a couple adventures and  wanted to share them real quick. Fiiirst, my baby sister (in-law) got engaged to her dream guy! Which is acutally kind of weird because I'm pretty sure she was 15 like, yesterday, but I'm getting used to it. Insert tears streaming down face emoji. 

^ he lucked out

She went dress shopping for her first order of business, and because California doesn't believe in making modest dresses, that meant a trip to Utah for me. Not only did she find the perfect wedding dress and bridesmaid dress, but I got to see the Salt Lake Temple for the first time! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Allll the heart eyes.

I told her we're technically married now since newlyweds are the only ones that pose on this thing haha.

Thennnnn I came home and remember that marriage board I made? Well, part of it included taking two adventures a month. We only got to one this month, but I'm happy with it because its still an improvement haha. I just want to make sure we continue to do new things and make memories instead of dinner and a movie every week. 

So for January we went to the Venice canals. I'd never been before and I was just curious to see them because it's kind of a unique thing. Basically it's just a canal that winds around a neighborhood with all these beautiful houses and it was pretty cool to walk around. I loved it. ALSO, as we were walking around we noticed an open house and I was SO excited to see the inside of one of the homes! It was three stories, with a GORGEOUS wide open floor plan and it was really amazing to see. As we were walking out we talked to the Realtor and it was $3,875,000 dollars!! Hahahhahahahhahahhaalkdngiakjgnkajghg that is just so crazy to me! I think its safe to say that was probably the only time I'll ever be in a home that expensive.

Some people comment on how different our styles are. He like wearing crazy clothes that are way too weird for my taste and I like dressing up. Its kinda funny that our personalities are actually very different than our sense of styles because in reality I'm the hooligan and he's the more sophisticated one haha.

Squirrel eating an avocado - made me smile :)

Venice beach, just FYI, is CRAZY TOWN. Do not go there unless you are comfortable being surrounded by tons of...colorful personalities. It's a really fun place to go and people watch, but is definitely too crazy for some people's taste. We walked around there and got a bite to eat after the canals and the contrast is just so strong.

Heres to hoping I do better blog-wise in February!

19 January 2015

One More Birth Story (Warning: this one is vaginal!)

I include that warning mostly for the male members of my family who read my blog ;) Anyways, I decided to create a Facebook page for my tiny photog business, called Rosegold Photography. I don't know why, but I was super nervous to do so! Since I'm such a beginner it feels like a bold statement to put my work out there as "professional" but I really have been practicing and studying for years, so I have to start somewhere, right?? I won't share every single photo shoot on the blog from here on out, so go ahead and like my Facebook page if you'd like to follow along as I continue to practice and build my skills.

Here is baby JD's birth story:

I am so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be at BOTH of these births. Just so grateful.

15 January 2015

My Birth Photography Experience

So as I mentioned...last month, I think? I've decided that I want to be a birth photographer. People these days take pictures of the books they read, when they change their oil, and lunch twice a week to share with instagram, and I think that if those things deserve to be documented then so does birth, haha! I am so incredibly fascinated with the human body and the whole pregnancy/birthing process AND I love love love taking pictures, so when I got the lightbulb moment that I could experience both at once in this unique way, I got very excited. 

A few months ago, I somehow got two local women to agree to let me photograph their births. Strangers that I had never met. Both due in January. And wouldn't you know it, they went into labor on the same day! Thank heavens they were giving birth in the same hospital, but yowza. I was running from room to room all day...19 hours, in fact. I don't think I would have had to stay there for as long if it had just been one of them, but since there were two I was scared to guess their progression incorrectly, go home, and miss it! (I got there when they were both 4cms dilated).

And I loved every. single. minute. of those 19 hours. Yes, it was awkward at first...as a former CNA, it felt very strange to be in the hospital and not helping. As a photographer, I am used to ONLY taking pictures of people happy and smiling. It can feel very invasive to take pictures of people in pain or crying, and my job on Monday was to do exactly the opposite!

BUT after I got in and got warmed up, I swear it was the best thing I've ever done. As a CNA (or any healthcare worker, I guess), I only caught a glimpse of the family's story as I jumped from room to room. However, sitting silently in the corner of an L&D room for hours, I got to really see the family's interactions and feel the full cycle of emotion right along with them. It was also much less pressure than any other photoshoot I've ever done, because all I had to do was capture! No posing, no forced smiles, and 19 hours worth of pure human emotion ranging from frustration to joy - THAT is a photographers dream. So I loved it and I hope hope hope I can do this again someday.

Without further adieu, here is the story of how Max and Dyana became parents and met baby Arianna for the first time. 

In between contractions:

The moment they were told that because her water had been broken for so long, she was beginning to get an infection and after 24 hours of painstaking labor, she needed a C-section.

Brother sending her off before the surgery:

Oddly enough, I was the first one in the room after her surgery. Mama was next:

Grandma's first time seeing the baby:

First time mama held her baby after surgery:

It was truly an honor to be there.

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